The Psoriatic Arthritis Diet

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The following article will discuss a psoriatic arthritis diet that can be used to help the symptoms of the disease. I remember after my diagnosis of the condition being given a 2 page handout explaining the suggested medication for psoriatic arthritis. Early on in the handout it was simply stated that they were not really sure how the drug helped the arthritis but it did. I recall the list of potential side effects just kept going on and on, among them cancer of the liver, in the end it almost seemed worse than having psoriatic arthritis in the first place. A treatment that potentially leads to other diseases like cancer sounds like your just swapping one disorder for the other.

Why A Psoriatic Arthritis Diet?

I did not feel that medication was an option for me. I thought that this disease had come about due to my actions and lifestyle choices and that therefore if I made the right choices I could reverse it. Hippocrates is the father of modern medicine and once said ‘let food be thy medicine’.

And while food may not be the only solution to this disease, I feel that it can be a very good starting point and should form a part of any holistic treatment program. An auto-immune disease is one in which the body has become hyper vigilant and will attack its own body tissue, such is the case with psoriatic arthritis. I don’t feel the solution to a problem like this lies in drugs and medication. A better approach would be the psoriatic arthrtitis diet.


Psoriatic Arthritis Diet Principles

An easy to implement principle of a psoriatic arthritis diet is what I call ‘eating more live foods’. This basically means eat more stuff that is not in a packet, bag, box, and container or in a carton. Simply eat more fruit and vegetables. Who can argue with that? I doubt any of us could really say they eat enough fruit and vegetables. So anything that doesn’t go off within 7 days, forget it, do not even touch it.

To start with, just incorporate salads with meals. Even if you are eating garbage at the moment, like pizza or hamburgers, have it with a salad. Start wrapping that food in salad leaves. It will help you chew your food better, improve digestion and get you consuming and tasting real food. After a while you will lose the taste for junk food and only want fresh live food. This is a building block of healing your body from within which is the goal of the psoriatic arthritis diet.

Go to any nutritionist, naturopath or herbalist who treats a wide range of diseases and disorders and you will notice one of their stock standard solutions for whatever walks in their door is the elimination of wheat and diary. This is especially the case with auto-immune diseases and certainly should be for a psoriatic arthritis diet.

There are many theories behind why, ranging from the effect these molecules have on our gut lining to the fact that these are probably the most heavily farmed, commercialized and processed food groups now a days. Whatever the reason, these seem to definitely cause a pro-inflammatory response in the body. You may initially think this doesn’t leave you with a lot to eat. I will admit it is different and takes some getting used to, but a wheat-free, dairy-free diet is more popular now and there are plenty of resources available to help you out.

A component of the psoriatic arthritis diet is having good natural protein. Most likely meat, fish and eggs will be your protein source, so be sure they are healthy and clean. Free of anti-biotics and hormones and raised and fed a natural diet. Beef should be grass, not grain, fed. This will ensure the health of the animal and that the meat has a perfect balance of essential fats.

Chickens and their eggs can also be grass fed and therefore their eggs will be much healthier. Make sure you source non farmed fish for your clean protein source. Essential fats which are vital for anti-inflammatory purposes can be derived from your protein sources also, plus protein is the building blocks of the body so you need healthy sources.

Want More Info On The Psoriatic Arthritis Diet?

Psoriatic Arthritis Diet

Everything You Need To Know About Psoriatic Arthritis Diet and Helping Your Autoimmune Disease

This article aims to present some basic cornerstones of a psoriatic arthritis diet. While it may not be a 100% cure of the disease, at least you know you are not just covering up your symptoms with drugs if you follow this approach.

There was a time when your body was healthy; all we are doing is trying to restore your body to that optimal state. The role of nutrition and diet may be minor for some and I certainly understand that other factors are involved.

However, I feel that most people could benefit a great deal from following a psoriactic arthritis diet approach and at the very least compliment their pharmaceutical approach.

For more information on a holistic approach that incorporates diet, addressing the mental and emotional stress that can trigger autoimmune diseases and nutritional supplements please see The Autoimmune Disease Solution which contains easy to follow but comprehensive information detailing everything about the psoriatic arthritis diet.

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