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ATTENTION! If You or Someone You Love is Suffering From Psoriatic Arthritis, Then This Will Be The Most Important Letter You Ever Read..

How To Get Rid Of Your Psoriatic Arthritis In 6 Months, And Regain Your Natural Inner Balance, Using A Unique 3-Step Method No One Else Will Tell You About

Former Psoriatic Arthritis Sufferer Reveals The Only Holistic System In Existence.

93% Improvement In Inflammation Markers In 4 Months over 90% Better Symptomatically

I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica (an Autoimmune Disease similar to Psoriatic Arthritis).

It is a terrible condition that riddles the shoulders, arms, hips and legs with excruciating pain.

I was totally debilitated and some nights would cry myself to sleep because of the pain.

Here is what they commonly say about Polymyalgia Rhuematica (PMR) “Treatment is often required for 2 years or longer, and some people with PMR need to remain on small doses of steroid tablets for many years. But even then they are usually able to enjoy a fairly normal life. Relapse is most frequent in the initial 18 months of treatment, but may occur later after stopping steroid treatment.” – National Health Service.

From what I read the disease usually lasts 2-5 years.

I had an allergic reaction to the common drug of choice so I was forced to look for an alternative solution.

I followed Peter’s recommendations and what can I say I am so happy! Fast forward to today.

I am over 90% better symptomatically and my blood tests also show a remarkable drop in inflammation markers (the key indicators of the Polymyalgia).

[CReactiveProtein (inflammation marker)= Dropped from 78 to under 5 in under 4 months! A 93% decrease!]

The Blood Test Results

My doctor was shocked he just said Whatever you’re doing keep doing it, it’s working!

I can do all my household chores again. I love my new diet and I’m addicted to my secret breakfast shake.

I have joined a few local walking groups and have recently started yoga and Tai Chi. Life is good.

[Helen – On the left with autoimmune disease and
on the right after starting The Autoimmune Disease Solution program]

I also lost a ton of body fat. People hardly recognize me (the one downside is I had to buy a new wardrobe but I’m not complaining!)

My skin also took on a healthy glow. Lot’s of people are surprised by my appearance and I constantly gets asked what I’m doing to look so healthy and great.

All this was done in under 6 months!

– Helen Davidson QLD, Australia

Date:Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Dear Friend,

  • Are you sick of suffering with discomfort, pain or dysfunction as your Psoriatic Arthritis takes over your body and your life?
  • Are you tired of popping pills, buying medication and filling scripts in an never ending attempt to keep your symptoms under control?
  • Or are you interested in a holistic approach to managing your Psoriatic Arthritis and not sure where to start?

I KNOW how to solve your problem of Psoriatic Arthritis because I was in your position before.

Peter Alexis former psoriatic arthritis sufferer

Peter Alexis, Health Practitioner and former Psoriatic Arthritis sufferer

My name is Peter Alexis and I just want to take a short moment to tell you about my battle with the Autoimmune Disease Psoriatic Arthritis.

I always had an interest in health and was physically active growing up and during my university days.

The final year of my post graduate Health Profession degree was a very stressful period of my life.

The day after doing some exercise I woke up and both my knees felt creaky and a little different. I thought nothing of it, and just figured I had overdone it with my workout.

Within a few days, they had started to balloon in size and swell tremendously so much so that I could hardly bend them.

My Life Would Never Be The Same From That Day On

Things really started to go downhill after that.

It seemed every day I woke up, another joint or area of my body was riddled with pain and I could hardly move it.

Within a matter of weeks my knees looked like puffy grapefruit. Add to that 2 swollen ankles, one elbow, and a few of my fingers that now resembled fat stuffed sausages. I felt like I had aged 30 years in a matter of weeks. It took me about 5 hours to get going in the morning just to be able to walk around at a gingerly pace.

My mind went into a panic, my heart sank and I was shocked and distraught when I received the diagnoses of Psoriatic Arthritis, because I had studied these types of autoimmune conditions in my college courses, and I knew the implications and possible end results.

Among The Many Side Effects From Medication Was Liver Tumors!

I was told I had to go on medication and was given a 2 page handout listing all the side effects of the proposed medication some of which included dizziness, nausea, and my sweat turning orange! Plus, I had to get regular blood tests, because the medication also caused liver tumors.

I was in a lot of pain and desperate for a solution to my sore joints, but the risk of liver tumors?

It sounded like I was just trading painfully swollen joints for tumors. I wasn’t at all thrilled with the option of medication and I made up my mind there and then to find an alternative solution.

I Rushed Head First Into Learning Everything I Could About Autoimmune Diseases

With my background in Health Science, I knew the proper solution to the problem was not taking medication. Obviously, something was causing this process in my body, and correcting that cause was the real and permanent solution.

To make a long story short, the next 3 years was a journey of consultations with the best holistic experts in the field.

I felt like I tried every diet and supplement under the sun and almost every therapy I experimented with diets such as the:

  • blood type
  • wheat-free
  • dairy-free
  • vegetarian
  • raw vegan
  • juicing diets.

When that didn’t work, I tried supplements of:

  • spirulina
  • bovine cartilage
  • transfer factors
  • medicinal herbs
  • homemade probiotics
  • naturopaths
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Still unsuccessful I attempted:

  • acupuncture
  • chiropractic care
  • osteopathy
  • myotherapy
  • ENAR
  • reiki
  • remedial massage
  • brainwave training
  • functional neurology
  • and the list goes on and on.

I spent a large fortune on everything listed above with very little reduction in my swollen and painful joints.

Also during this time I tried to educate myself as much as possible on autoimmune diseases and links to anything that could cause them. I am naturally a very single minded focused person and together with my Health Science background I was able to sort through a lot of research and information.

What I Discovered Astounded and Shocked Me

I uncovered some surprising information from food, to supplements to lifestyle factors I thought had no relationship to autoimmune diseases.

I learned the body naturally wants to be healthy, to survive.

And often symptoms are the body’s way of communicating that something is wrong and if you can correct the underlying cause and restore balance to the body, then the symptoms will naturally disappear.

I Now Get Out of Bed Pain-Free

Slowly, pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place as I discovered what worked and what didn’t work.

Over a 3 year period I pieced together a comprehensive holistic approach to managing Autoimmune Disease.

Fast forwarding to the present day I now get out of bed pain free.

My joints feel great, and I do not have to worry about them swelling or being sore. I can accomplish all my daily tasks, and I enjoy most of my athletic endeavors. Most of all, I do not live with the lifetime sentence of an autoimmune disease hanging over my head, and I do not worry about the future of my health.

Since then, I have helped my own Mother in law with her autoimmune disease Polymyalgia and other friends and associates who have also requested help.

It was never my intention to write a book, but after seeing the response on the Internet from this website and the constant requests I felt like it was something I had to do.

Now you can benefit from all my hard work and 3 years of pain staking research, hundreds of hours reading health articles and books, experimentation with dozens of diets and $1000’s spent on supplements and practitioners because I have put it all in one easy to follow manual:

The Autoimmune Disease Solution

Inside The Autoimmune Disease Solution, you’ll discover and be exposed to PROVEN methods that work (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember):

  • You will find out what true health really is and what components make up health in the body (see page 8). Be empowered to reclaim your health and your body.
  • Uncover what is wrong with the modern health approach and how to turn your back on this broken health model and say goodbye to dangerous drugs and expensive surgeries (page 5)
  • How your repeat business as a continued pill popper is exactly what the drug companies want and how to put an end to the vicious cycle, reclaim your health and save money
  • I will reveal to you how to move from symptomatic/crisis care to actual wellness care and health promotion which can improve the quality and longevity of your life (page 9)
  • The proper definition of true health and how you can get started immediately on your path to having it
  • How you can harness the innate power of your body and take control of your health and never have to depend on other people or things for your health
  • The common triggers of diseases and how disease really starts… once you know this it is really easy to prevent
  • A simple way to look at imbalance in the body called the “Triad of Health” and how using this can unlock a whole new way of looking at your health and map out a game plan for defeating your Autoimmune Disease (page 8).
  • In chapter 2 I show the vitally important but often overlooked relationship between Autoimmune Disease and inflammation (with this understanding, the solution to relief is crystal clear)
  • Precisely what has gone wrong with the inflammation process to result in Autoimmune Disease and how you can stop it dead in it’s tracks
  • Known foods to avoid that trigger inflammation. I guarantee you are eating these at least 2 out of every 3 meals (page 13)
  • The intimate and often overlooked relationship between stress and inflammation and what you can easily and quickly do about it (page 14)
  • The common but largely unknown toxins you are exposing your body to on a daily basis and what you can do to avoid them
  • How to start fighting back against your Autoimmune Disease with diet and how to begin implementing changes instantaneously accelerate your path to feeling better
  • I will show you exactly what you should eat to stop triggering an Autoimmune response in the body breaking the cycle instantly (see chapter 4)
  • Foods known to trigger Autoimmune responses that you must avoid if you want to get better
  • Step by step suggestions on implementing these new eating guidelines to make the transition to better health super easy
  • You will be given dietary guidelines focused on unlocking and promoting true inner health this is the key for reclaiming your health potential
  • I will reveal to you the role of food allergies and their relationship to Autoimmune Disease (this relationship is often overlooked)
  • Uncover the the shocking truth about fat and what role it has in health and more specifically it’s relationship to Autoimmune Disease (most people are dead wrong about this) (page 27)
  • The “best and safest for your health” summary on the types of cooking oils to use (see page 32). Chances are you are probably doing more harm than good every time you turn on the stove. 
  • I will unveil the miracle in a bottle oil, which you can get from any health food store that is dynamite against Autoimmune Disease (page 33)
  • Uncover the truth about dairy and supposed healthy alternatives like soy and if these foods will help or hinder your quest for health (page 35)
  • A quick start menu guide (page 41), so you can get started healing your body in a flash
  • The definitive list of supplements that actually work (see Ch 7). Stop wasting money and get the most bang for your buck as I tell you the only ones worth taking.
  • Why eating more of this common ethnic food that includes a well researched anti-inflammation factors may be just what your body needs
  • A key vitamin that is being linked to Autoimmune Disease, and how you can get it for free (page 47)
  • In depth chapter on the often overlooked but vitally important issues of lifestyle and stress and how these can be contributing to your Autoimmune Disease and what you need to do about it (see Chapter 8 )
  • Discover how to implement vital techniques to calm down your body and dis-empower your Autoimmune disease through easy to follow relaxation, the correct mental attitude, proper breathing and simple meditation
  • A proven exercise that lowers inflammation that is free and you can start immediately (page 52)
  • A special little known device that can teach you to restore calmness to your body and nervous system great for for pain, problems sleeping and anxiety so easy a child could use it (page 53)
  • How not following your heart could be contributing to your health issues and what you can do about it

Feedback For The Autoimmune Disease Solution Via Email

“I am Feeling Better!”

Betty Miller
Michigan, USA

“In Only a Week, I Have Noticed Some Changes I’m Confident Your Suggested Program Will Make A Significant Difference To My Health”

– Catherine Grace
Brighton, UK

“Feeling So Much Better… Symptoms Have Lessened Day by Day”

Jeff Stone Autoimmune


– Jeff Stone
Colorado, USA

And Then There’s More

badges4-blueTell you what. When you purchase The Autoimmune Disease Solution today, I’ll throw in a USEFUL bonus I have personally created that complements The Autoimmune Disease Solution so you can solve your Autoimmune Disease even faster and take your health to even greater levels.

Bonus: The Autoimmune Disease Solution – Extra Mile (Value: $15, Yours FREE)

Now you have started on your journey to true health, I know some of you will want to take it to the next level. Following the advice in the main manual can totally transform your life, here is the icing on the cake

  • My secret morning breakfast shake –  pack more nutrients than 2 days worth of eating into your breakfast (we have taken the bad stuff out of your diet, now lets put a whole lot of good stuff in)
  • How listening to the ancient Chinese principle of the liver time and combining it with the timing of your meals can have tremendous benefits for your health
  • An easy to implement principle that has dramatically demonstrated an ability to clear the body of accumulated waste  this can really supercharge your health (it’s literally like spring cleaning for your body)
  • Got mercury amalgams? Used aluminum cookware?If you think your Autoimmune Disease is related to heavy metal poisoning but don’t know where to start – this is the perfect introduction for proper testing to determine if it is related
  • Once properly tested for, how to get rid of heavy metals naturally without drugs

More Feedback

“I am a Fan”

Irene Hall
Florida, USA

So What’s the Bottom Line? How Much Does This Complete Life Changing System Cost?

The value I’m offering you today for my Autoimmune Disease Solution package along with the bonus is really a no-brainer. They can easily cost $150. But if you purchase today, you only need to come up with less than one eighth of that price which I’m sure you’d agree is still a steal.

A lifetime of monthly scripts of medication and not to mention the high frequency of doctor visits can quickly add up to $100’s of dollars each and every year.

I’m selling this at $37 and I know I could sell this for $67 and there is a reason why I am selling this for so low.

I want to get this in your hands as quickly as possible and I want to make this affordable to as many people as possible and many people don’t have $67. But this special introductory price won’t last for long. I want to reward those who take action, those are the types of people who will benefit the most from this handbook and those are the types of people whose feedback I value the most.

For $37 which is below half the price of monthly prescription medication, you can learn the secrets to helping your Autoimmune Disease holistically. The same principles that took me years of research and $1000’s in trial and error to discover.

You will have the keys to improving your symptoms, being disease free and health for the rest of your life. I am not going to try and put a price on that, because to be honest, it’s priceless. So go ahead and Click the Add to Cart button below now to get the secrets on how to reclaim your health:

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident The Autoimmune Disease Solution will help give you with your Autoimmune Disease I’m offering a No-Questions-Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. All I ask is you try out The Autoimmune Disease Solution for 30 days and if you dont start to feel better, then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full.

Is it safe to order online? Absolutely! Our merchant processor, Paypal, is the premier choice of legitimate businesses selling their products and services online.

Once you place your order on Paypal’s secure server, you will be directed to the download page where you can download your copy of The Autoimmune Disease Solution plus Bonus Extra Mile and get started IMMEDIATELY.

The e-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own hard-copy. That’s all there is to it.

Once you’ve downloaded your book, read the entire manual from cover to cover. Then take action and start immediately! The step-by-step instructions are written in a conversational tone and in plain English so you can start today!

If You’re Finished for Good With Just Covering Up Your Symptoms, While The Real Cause Continues To Wreak Havoc and You’re Ready to Do it the Right Way, Then This is the Honest and Effective Psoriatic Arthritis Solution You’ve Been Searching For

Imagine yourself in few weeks or a year from now Healthy and vibrant. Feeling full of energy and vitality and springing out of bed pain-free, ready to take on whatever the day may hold with full vigor.

For some people the satisfaction of being able to get back to and complete the simple daily tasks without any aches or pains may be all that is desired. For others the goal of returning to or even starting some more challenging physical activities is what the future holds. The choice is yours!

If you’re even remotely interested in learning the truth about true health, then you owe it to yourself to at least try the Autoimmune Disease Solution. Bear in mind that 95% of the people in this world are going to keep looking for that fairy tale pill or quick fix treatment.

But I don’t think you would have read this far if you were the type of person to follow the crowd. If you’re one of these special people who are motivated enough to try a real honest and effective Psoriatic Arthritis solution- one of the top 5% who are ready to do what it takes to finally be disease free then join us and order today, because just thinking about it” never led anyone to better health.


Peter Alexis

P.S. Remember, you’re covered by myNo-Questions-Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like The Autoimmune Disease Solution, simply contact me at and I’ll promptly refund you in full.

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P.P.P.S. If you have any questions or concerns you’d like answered before you order, feel free to contact me at any time. The Autoimmune Disease Solution has already worked for the men and women who have tried it, and many of them had questions about the program before they started. Please do not make the mistake of dismissing this opportunity out of concern that it may be hype or some scam. If you have reservations let me put your mind at rest. I will be more than happy to talk to you if you need reassurance. I know my system can work for you too.

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